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“Las Brumas” 60 hectares farm stretching across virgin mountains at an altitude ranging between 1,450 to 2,000 meters above sea level located 45 to 60 minutes from the City of Santa Ana.

“Las Brumas Farm” is known for its rich and fertile volcanic soil thanks to eruptions caused by volcanos El Izalco and Ilamtepec throughout its history.

Another important element is the micro climate. Misty throughout most of the year, hense the name “Finca Las Brumas”.

This amazing micro climate is generated when the warm air from the Pacific Ocean collides with the high peaks of the Volcanoes Park( Santa Ana Volcano, Cerro Verde Volcano and Izalco Volcano), by being located between these 3 famous volcanoes in El Salvador this unique micro climate reduces the amount of daylight received by the coffee tree helping to have a very slow photosynthesis, improving the maduration process and this in turn improves some attributes which are closely related to maturity like the aroma, sweetness, acidity and flavor.

These unique conditions and special “Soil, Climate and labor” generate the special “Terroir” or “Terruar” at Las Brumas Farm.

Location of Farm: Santa Ana Volcano
Works practices: Conventional
Benefits or Social Projects: Reforestation of uncultivated area with Cypress

Coffee Beans:

the coffee was picking under strictly hand selection with the best physiological ripeness point, the coffee is 100% Bourbon variety and the wet process was held at the San Carlos Mill in which we have processed all of our coffees that participated in Cup of Excellence in 2007 (Alaska Farm 7th place), 2008 (La Ilusion 1st place), 2010 (Los Andes 5th place), 2012 (Las Brumas 1st place) through hard work, dedication and passion of our cutters and all the staff working in our Coffee Mill.

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